About Us

Marie was riding before she can remember. She had planned to learn to race barrels and train horses, but her mother died before the knowledge could be passed on. She would sneak in rides during summer trips to visit her grandfather, but it would be a while before she could take up regularly working with horses again. From trail riding to dressage to combined training events to parades, Marie and Two Thumbs Up continue to learn together and seek new experiences.
After marrying Marie and moving to the US, Gertjan learned of her dream to own a farm. However, she insisted that he learn to ride before pursuing it. He took some lessons and proved to be a natural. Within a few months, he had outgrown the lesson horses and was ready for his own horse. They found Big Money for Gertjan, and the rest was history. The two can be found jumping anything in their path and galloping together cross country.
Touch the Sun Farm
Marie and Gertjan had debated names for their farm for several years. As soon as they set foot on the property, they knew the name they would use. The sun-kissed pastures reminded them of the registered name of a special horse they had known, Touch the Sun. What better way to honor his memory?